Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Celebrating Life via #40AOK

Around thirty minutes ago I hit a milestone, the BIG 40
How do I feel? I feel stronger, tougher, wiser, and so grateful to the people who have come across my path at some point during the last 40 years. I have had to learn to LET go during the last year. This is the first year I will celebrate without my lifelong birthday partner, my beautiful grandmother, who celebrated two days after mine on July 4th. We always had a special birthday together and her faith in her higher power and spirit motivated so many. She always thought of others and I realize she modeled LOVE for me. When you are limited with the time available to your kids, you learn to value that time. All we really have is this moment, and to celebrate my birthday I am going to attempt to spend this month deliberately engaging in 40 acts of kindness and hope that you join me. I came across this video tonight as I pondered where I am in life at the age of 40. 

Hmmm..... I am a child from the 90's, Class of 1993 Stephenville High School. I come from a community of champions and a strong LOVING and Christian family. I have accomplished a great deal in life, experienced many failures, lots of disappointments, and have so many to thank for helping me to get to this place. Giving to an organization is good, but you are removed from the actual act of kindness. Hopefully, I can make a difference this month and model making a difference to Zeke and Nolan. Your invited to join in or just keep me in check. :)

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