Sunday, August 28, 2016

Future Focus

With the start of the school year, many regroup to reconsider goals. The two year anniversary of my divorce was last weekend and I found myself in a place of reflection. My family has learned so much these last two years. I am much stronger and cognizant of my surroundings, purpose, behaviors, and reactions to situations. None of us are perfect, but we need to be aware and conscious on how we react to situations. Is our reaction coming from a spirit of love, or is the reaction rooted in fear or anger? Here are some goals I hope to remind myself to consider this fall.

  1. Learn to cultivate gratitude. Care for your neighbors and community.
  2. Practice 3 outcomes or results that you are committed to 6 months out. For me wrapping up PhD hopefully in September, graduation in December, and health.
  3. Love is shown through ACTION, not words. How do you show love in all that you do?
  4. Care less, but love more. Fear and anger are the two emotions that hurt individuals the most. Fear or worry is an emotion that I have. Through prayer, faith, and love I hope to let this go.
  5. Be willing to not please people to do what is right.
  6. Be willing to end relationships that are not healthy.
  7. Allow yourself to be REAL. Be your authentic self. You are unique and beautiful. Ask yourself, who are you today? What are you here for? How can you enjoy this moment right now?
  8. It is important to cultivate a shared vision of the future. You cannot have one foot in the door and one foot out of the door. Recognize when the shared vision is missing and move on. It has been a struggle for me to not look backwards, which I do out of a spirit of fear. You are going forwards and life is short!
  9. Faith is REAL and works. Focus on your purpose. It is great to remember that you are a bright light serving a higher purpose, or your destiny.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Big Leap!

Bitter sweet... is saying goodbye to elementary years as a parent forever soon. Both sons will be in junior high next year! Wonderful to have a year of healing with my sons. Anyone that knows me and knew my life with Uel knows that we visited the Wichita Mountains often and have camped in over 33 states, Canada, and Europe with the kids. 

 Nolan was assigned a teacher that was a little "old school" but has a heart of gold and is so dedicated. Without even knowing our background,  she led my kids to places that have significant meanings to our past. She doesn't know this, but my friends, former students and family in Dublin and Stephenville do. I literally found myself at Camp Grady Spruce (Dublin friends will smile about that), the Wichita Mountains (Uel and my old friends will smile), and the JFK museum(many of my former students and people who know me know I collect JFK memorabilia). We couldn't attend her campouts at Sid Richardson (I have 3 brothers that are eagle scouts and Uel is one also) due to custody arrangements. I knew the night I met her, she was extremely special. Nolan and Zeke had to start a new school this year and has had a rough 2 years. Praying and asking God each day to show me how to fix the situation, I knew that I had to put my career aspirations and needs aside for them and we needed a lot of help. We had a rough start this last fall as a family. In fact, The night of meet the teacher I didn't even have custody of the boys. They were still visiting their dad on the nursery in Stephenville. I felt horrible going to meet the teacher without my kids for the first time. As an educator, this felt so wrong. As a parent, my heart was broken. Yeah.. the feeling of failure overwhelmed me. When I met Ms. Luppy,  she introduced the schedule of the year to parents and told us about all of the field trips.  I did have tears in my eyes because many of the things we so miss about living in the country and memories from the past that included camping in the Wichita Mountains, the debates over Camp Grady Spruce in Dublin, and I wondered why was God putting these events in our lives? He did so to heal my family, show me where I might of been wrong about a few things in the past, teach me a few lessons about myself, and placed people in my path to help make that happen. For that I am eternally grateful.