Sunday, October 11, 2015

To Limitless Possibilities

To the scared 17 year old girl who feels rejected and alone. Know that you are a strong, beautiful, and intelligent young lady who is wiser than most of the same age. You crave to be accepted by your family, loved unconditionally, and believe you can make an impact in the world. You are a hard worker, curious about the world, and are understanding that there are different perspectives. I wish you would know that it is ok to be different and to question. Questioning provides creative thought. Know that you are a bright light even now and that you are valuable. You are loved and forgiven. You already know you are here for a higher purpose and that life has meaning. You are not strange for knowing you have a purpose.

To the 21 year old bride, you are beautiful and so full of hope and purity. You want to see the best in others and wear rose colored glasses. You are accomplishing things that no one else in your family has. As a result, you continue to try to prove your "worth", but know you are already loved and worthy. You wish to see the world and view things from a variety of perspectives. You attempt to be the change in the world and dedicate your life to education and the world's youth.

To the 28 year old new mother, you are beautiful and strong. You hold everything together for everyone else. Your strength is amazing. You have traveled with a baby all over the nation and world to provide your child with a global view. To the 30 year old, mother of two. You continue to hold everything together. You can slow down and admit that you cannot do everything alone. You seek social connection. You provide so much for your children. You seek to be loved unconditionally and sacrifice much to not only perform "motherly duties", hike with your children daily, read to your children daily, wash all the clothes, clean the house, do the dishes daily, ensure the house is together enough, you also work full time.You recognize your industry is changing and you model the ability to learn by being the first to earn a masters degree in your family.
You are tired. You model the importance of making a difference in the world. You are holding everything together alone because you so wanted your family to stay together. You are strong.

To the scared 38 year old. It is all happening so fast. You are attempting to hold it together. You have taken the children to school since they started school, make their lunches, purchase their clothing, ensure they have clean clothing, take baths, have a clean home, have a safe vehicle (mini-van), work full time, trying to earn a living and save by giving everything to their father so that a net worth can be provided to them at a later age. You are about to loose it all. You are tired, have been abused physically and mentally,  alone, and are spiritually broken. You are pretending to be perfect and not living in truth. You still crave unconditional love. You are controlled by others and are a door mat to many bullies who deceive and hide their behaviors and lies because you allow it. You are a bright light and inspiration to many. You are a community leader. 

To the 40 year old on October 11, 2015. You have learned to slow down. You value your time with your children. You have learned to let go of others who do not allow you to grow and may hurt your spirit. You do this on your terms. You have learned to draw boundaries. You know your strength and know for the first time that you are loved unconditionally by your creator. You know that you are here for a higher purpose and that you will succeed and don't really need to control. The choices you make today are shaping your future. It will happen naturally because it was meant to happen. You will not be a door mat. You will not be controlled or manipulated. You are learning to respond to others who are negative with grace.  You have identified your triggers and purpose in life. You admit you are human and not perfect. You are beginning to reach out to others who have similar life goals and accomplishments to help you grow as a spiritual individual. You are beginning to love your independent self. Life takes us through many changes and failures often bring us to reevaluate our behavior. Positive change can occur as a result of difficult times. Alturism shifts the focus of ourselves and change becomes possible when we begin to realize the importance of community.Social isolation is something I dealt with during the last 2-3 years. Last year it was suggested to me that I reach out to people, outside of my career, to build a support network. To be honest, I had not ever done that or had the need to do that until my divorce. I took the challenge and joined a few Meet Up groups and a singles class at a Methodist church. As a result, I have developed a social circle of people, who like me, are completely human. It is great to know that I don't have to choose to be alone. My higher power has used many challenges in my life to push me to consider the value of a spiritual community. In doing so, I am becoming centered in my spiritual self. Know you are beautiful, strong, worthy, and able to face obstacles with grace. You have realized that you need others and are not alone. You are grounded in TRUTH. Your failures have brought you an amazing future and possibilities.

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