Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Artistic Engineering of You

This morning I was reminded by an author, Abdu Murray, about the power of one during a talk about his book Grand Central Station at a church in Keller, Texas. He is a law student, author, converted Muslim to Christianity, and does offer some compelling questions and ideas considering historical perspectives, philosophies, and scientific understanding of world religions and ideas. 

  1. We are valuable. We are intelligent human beings with an intelligent, individualized, or unique cognitive design. Known as the "design interface", much research and advances in science and technology have been made through projects like the The Human Genome Project. What does it mean to be human? Why do we have value? It is important to remember that a great architect and artist designed and engineered our universe for life. It is beautiful to be reminded that our bodies are knitted or weaved together in a marvelous and unique way. Each of us have a gift and cognitive ability to leave a positive impact in our world. 
  2. We were made with purpose. We were created  for relationships. This makes sense to me. As a graduate with a master of computer information systems degree, I understand systems, system design, relations and relationships. Our purpose is centered around the system of relationships we build. We seek to build relationships, we morn lost relationships, and our need for relationships is real. We must consider how our purpose can be fulfilled through the relationships we support, seek, and maintain. As we validate others through love, truth, and compassion, we will continue to be a light of love and compassion that will attract others to help us fulfill purpose.
  3. Suffering happens for a greater good. Often we are not aware of the greater good.In order to understand and work through love, we must live in a state of forgiveness, understanding, prayer, reflection, and seek community. 


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