Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Advantages to Waiting....

This weekend we were challenged to consider the advantages of waiting. Often I find myself criticizing the youth of today and their need for "instant" gratification. However, I am so guilty of the same actions and of not taking time to wait. One of our pastors today was so accurate when he reminded us that we have a lot to learn from the art of waiting. We do live in a culture that lives "on demand", In fact, the great leaders of our world are often called to wait. I think of Nelson Mandela, who continued to choose to learn from his mistakes, sacrificed, and is a prime example to me on the art of waiting. Today we were given the example of Joseph, the great dreamer, forced to wait in prison for 12 years for a crime of which he was innocent, before becoming a leader and fulfilling his purpose in life. We were posed with the following question.

What is the opportunity cost to getting what we want, when we want it?

I have recently realized that I tend to run when confronted with the hard lessons in life. Anyone that knows me, knows I want to go. I want a solution, a fix, and for me it is hard to wait. It is very hard to let go of things I have loved, fought for, and I often struggle to keep the faith during times of doubt. During these times, I have been so tempted to go back, to go home, to return to the place that was not meant for me. During these times, I have found myself being tempted to fall into the self-doubt trap. Listening to naysayers and at times asking questions of why. The self-doubt trap presented by or pastor this morning is all too familiar. His questions really hit home because I so often am confronted with the same evil enemy. Maybe they are correct. Possibly I am not talented enough, humble, or perhaps my past is not good enough. But then God reminds me......

Wait, Be Still. The promise land is just around the corner. You are a child of the light. You are good enough, forgiven, humble and you are in training.

I have struggled a lot to make sense of why,  but now I know that I have a destiny and life purpose. Through these struggles I have learned strong faith and understand that I am not alone. Today I also know, that becoming a strong leader requires the ability to follow. That has been a hard lesson for me.

How do we wait?

  1. With Silence: We cannot hear unless we are silent. 
  2. With Vigilance: We must meditate daily.
  3. With Expectation: We must identify our purpose, live with the faith that it will happen, and expect great outcomes.

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