Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Energy is Powerful

Today I am so grateful and humbled by the level of support from complete strangers. The energy guiding a series of unbelievable events surrounding me is nearly impossible to describe. How did I end up here? All of the pain and lessons learned have taught me to the true meaning of faith, perseverance, and I now recognize the power of positive energy and connectivity to others.  All humans and people have a voice and can have a profound impact. A spiritual energy and presence can be so powerful. Life is so beautiful and I can't believe that my future has so many turns. I never dreamed any of my current realities was remotely possible a year ago.

The power of an idea, thought, and connectivity via technology can PROFOUNDLY change your course in life.

It is great to know that we can all shine and it is our duty to shine in areas that are dark and stagnant. It is wonderful to know that we are supported by a higher power when doing so and that everything happens for a reason. I have learned that I don't have to know why but just have the ability to listen to my inner voice and understanding. It is important to know that all great ideas come to fruition through hard work, perseverance, and grit.


And I dream that students will lead an entire event and I know Friday evening that will become a reality. The relationships I have built through my PhD online cohort, my learning technology friends, and passionate professionals (whom I now call my friends) bring tears of joy and pride. I know that we have nearly accomplished what some thought would be impossible. I am so proud and so grateful that my kids will soon see my dreams become a reality. Reflecting on my last three years, I know I am playing my role as one of my former students would say.  Her work in my class three years, for a different cause, still inspires me. Grateful for her and that experience.

That morning I showed all my students this video on the day of his death. I challenged the students to create a reflection. Wow, now this video really impacts me more. Guess what, I still love what I do.

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